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CDI Eprom for MVT Premium Peugeot Trekker / Speedfight
Article no.: MVT-EPROM2

CDI Eprom for MVT Premium Peugeot Trekker / Speedfight

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cdi eprom 2 for MVT DD and MVT Premium ignitions

The Eprom CDI for the MVT Premium ignition is an adjustable CDI for converting the analog MVT Premium internal rotor ignition to a digital ignition system. This conversion is particularly important for tuned engines in order to optimize engine performance and combustion.

With the option of adjusting the ignition curve, this CDI offers precise control of the ignition timing. The CDI has 18 freely selectable ignition curves to optimize engine performance and torque, as the ignition curve can be adapted to the engine characteristics. The module is equipped with micro-switches conveniently located on the top of the housing to make tuning as easy as possible.

The CDI can also be used with Digital Direct models to change and adjust the ignition curve.

Compatible MVT Premium ignitions:

  • PREM02 for Peugeot 103 SP MVL 6V with contact ignition
  • PREM03 for Peugeot 103 RCX, SPX (2000-) with electronic ignition, VOGUE with blue CDI
  • PREM08 for scooters with Peugeot vertical engine

Compatible MVT Digital Direct ignitions:

  • DD02 for Peugeot 103 SP MVL 6V with contact ignition
  • DD03 for Peugeot 103 RCX, SPX (2000-) with electronic ignition, VOGUE with blue CDI
  • DD08 for scooters with Peugeot vertical engine
Questions about the product
Notes and Safety

MVT Premium

The MVT Premium ignition is the mid-range model among the MVT ignitions - a very powerful internal rotor ignition that ensures improved RPM increase.

The biggest difference to the Digital Direct ignition is the CDI. With the Premium, the ignition timing is fixed, with the DD series it is variable. If you want to maximize the engine's power range, you should therefore opt for the Digital Direct internal rotor ignition.

Advantages of MVT Premium Ignition

  • Internal rotor ignition at an unbeatable price
  • With light
  • Simple adjustments
  • More direct revving up
  • Optional derestriction to 45 km/h

CDI and coil

The CDI (for Capacitor Discharger Ignition) and the ignition coil are an essential part of the ignition. While the coil is actually just an energy storage device that supplies the ignition spark to the spark plug, the CDI module is a more complex component that controls the engine speed at which the spark should occur. It can therefore have an effect on engine behavior and performance.

Open CDI

Many riders equip their 50cc geared mopeds and scooters with open, i.e. derestricted CDIs. In most cases, the original CDI throttles the maximum achievable engine speed, which significantly reduces performance and top speed.
To remove this rev limiter and thus increase maximum speed, you can install a CDI without a rev limiter instead of the original CDI.

Beware! When using an open CDI, the carburetor must be readjusted, so it is best to order new jets as well.

Programmable CDI

Programmable CDI control units are available for tuned racing engines on 50cc scooters and moorcycles as well as for motocross bikes. These CDIs are designed for more experienced tuners who want to optimize the settings of their two-wheeler as much as possible.
With a programmable CDI, the ignition timing is dynamic so that the spark always jumps at the optimum time at both high and low engine speeds. This leads to a better increase in speed, higher torque and an overall increase in maximum power.

4-stroke engines with fuel injection are equipped with an ECU (Electronic Control Unit), which also controls the fuel injection. When tuning a four-stroke engine with an electronic injection system, a programmable CDI is therefore an absolute must in order to avoid breakdowns and engine damage.

Symptoms of a defective coil or CDI

If these two elements fail, the symptoms are usually very easy to recognize: no spark at the spark plug, so the engine will not start.

It is best to proceed in sequence: First change the spark plug, then the spark plug cap, then the coil and only then consider the CDI or the ignition itself as the source.

Technical details
CDI Eprom for MVT Premium Peugeot Trekker / Speedfight
Article no.MVT-EPROM2
Weight0,30 kg
Product typeIgnition coil & CDI
Ignition typeDigital
Power supply lightingWith power supply
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