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Article no.: S6-80380C4/MET

Crankshaft Bearings + Oil Seals Stage6 C4 steel cage Peugeot vertical Euro 2 after 2004


Stage6 Crankshaft Bearings + Oil Seals C4 steel cage Peugeot vertical Euro 2 after 2004.

Saving on the quality of crankshaft bearings is certainly the wrong approach, especially when it comes to tuned engines. That's why Stage6 is only working with with leading European and Japanese manufacturers such as SKF or Corteco. The bearings are available in 2 versions - with low-friction, high-elasticity polymer cage for racing, and with robust metal cage for daily road use. Both types are SKF-approved up to 20,000rpm and have the clearance necessary for crankshaft bearings. Sufficient lubrication and proper installation of crankshaft and bearings are prerequisites for long bearing life.

The polymer cage version has higher elasticity and reduced friction. This is the type of bearing that we prefer for our racing engines. Please keep in mind that for this type of bearing ignition timing and carburetor settings have to be perfect, since the plastic cages are not built to take more than 120°C for a long time. This is also the reason why these TN9 bearings should not be used in engines with catalytic converters. Note: the open side of the cage has to face the crank webs.

The metal cage bearing is more resistant than the polymer version, but it also generates more friction and hence more heat.

Note - The polymer cage bearings can only be used with exhausts or exhausts (original or tuning) without catalytic converter.

Metal cage (SKF BB1B-447205A / 6204TN9/C4HLHT23)

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Notes and Safety

Crankshaft bearings for motorcycle, scooter and moped

Crankshaft bearings ensure the smooth operation of engines, whether on scooters, motorcycles or mopeds. The crankshaft is an integral part of the engine and the associated bearings and seals must be in perfect condition.

A crankshaft bearing set consists of ball bearings and oil seals. They are usually sold as a complete set and must be replaced each time the crankshaft is installed/re-installed.

What are the symptoms of defective crankshaft bearings?

The main symptoms of a defective crankshaft bearing are:

  • Unusual metallic noises coming from the direction of the crankshaft.
  • Unusual vibrations of the vehicle.

Defective bearings must be replaced immediately, otherwise there is risk of further damage to the engine. There are many different tools for crankshaft removal or bearing pullers.

You can see how to change crankshaft bearings in our crankshaft disassembly and assembly tutorial.

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Crankshaft Bearings + Oil Seals Stage6 C4 steel cage Peugeot vertical Euro 2 after 2004
Article no.S6-80380C4/MET
Weight0,28 kg
Product typeCrankshaft bearing kit
Conrod lengthStandard
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