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Article no.: U241.675

CVT Variator Polini Hi-Speed Malaguti F12 / Phantom (after 2000)

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Polini CVT "Hi-Speed" Malaguti F12 / Phantom (after 2000), tuning variator "Hi-Speed" by Polini.

The Hi-Speed is the improved successor to Polini's famous "Speed Control", with better roller tracks. The angles of pulley and ramp plate were also redesigned to improve acceleration.

It comes with 16x13mm roller weights and a reinforced torque spring. We recommend testing different weights to further improve shifting and performance.

As it was developed to be used with the original torque drive, it has a standard diameter and has to be used with a standard torque drive and a standard (preferably reinforced) drive belt. 

Best used with a sports exhaust, 50cc sports to racing configurations.

Note: The CVT is intended for F12 models with 13mm crankshaft stub. Since 2000, the F12 comes with a wider variator cover and the stub was extended by 1cm, an approx. 1cm thick washer is included with the kit.

  • spacer washer 1cm
  • Evo Slider spring seat
  • reinforced clutch springs
  • weights 16x13mm - 6.9g
  • contra spring d. 3.6
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Notes and Safety

Polini Hi-Speed

The famous Polini brand lists their "Hi-Speed" CVT as part of their catalog for many years. Of course, the CVT has been upgraded and improved over time, but the basic principle is still the same: a tuning variator for original and slightly tuned engines with a noticeable increase in performance compared to the original variator.

Performance Polini High Speed CVT

With newly calculated and optimized angles, the Hi-Speed variator allows an extended power band. This shows above all in noticeably better acceleration, but also in a slightly higher top speed.

Two integrated O-rings provide the sleeve with better lubrication, resulting in less friction.

The low-friction, robust chrome coating ensures reduced wear and increased service life.

For heavily tuned engines and engines with a significantly larger displacement, it is worth using an overrange CVT.

scooter CVT

Modern scooters are equipped with a continuously variable transmission, the so-called CVT, also called variator.

CVT Parts:

  • Front pulley, movable. It contains the variator weights and has a special shape with an inclined surface to allow the V-belt to move freely up and down.
  • Ramp plate: Holds the weights in place.
  • Variator sleeve: Serves as a bearing for the variator, which moves axially back and forth, i.e., opens and closes.
  • CVT roller weights: Adjustment weights that play a critical role in function and performance.

original, Sport and Oversize CVTs

  • Original: Original or OEM quality CVTs are equipped with a restrictor to limit the speed to 45km/h. There are riders who remove the restrictor to derestrict their scooter and unleash the full performance without restrictions.
  • Sport: Sport CVTs are lighter than the original and are characterized by special angles and a special coating, which increases the top speed, but especially acceleration.
  • Oversize: Based on the same principle as the Sport CVT, but has larger dimensions. With an oversize / overrange vario, the performance of the scooter can be increased even further.

You should also always replace the V-belt when replacing the CVT or go for a complete CVT kit.

How to install a CVT transmission ?

Technical details
CVT Variator Polini Hi-Speed Malaguti F12 / Phantom (after 2000)
Article no.U241.675
Weight0,73 kg
Product typeCVT
Roller size16 x 13 mm
Roller weight6,9 gr
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Vario polini
Super fiable en all day combiné a une Couroie mhr le top
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