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Top Performances
Article no.: T9921650

Cylinder Gasket Set Top Performances TPR 70cc Piaggio Typhoon / Stalker

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Gasket set Top Performances TPR 70cc, Piaggio AC.

Top Performances manufactures high-performance tuning parts for scooters and other mopeds; the range is constantly being developed and updated.

When installing new components and general maintenance, be sure to change the gaskets.

Technical details:

  • Displacement: 70cc
  • Stroke: Original
  • Connecting rod: Original
  • Homologation: ECE Homologation
Questions about the product
Notes and Safety

Top Performances TPR

The TPR series from Top Performances comprises relatively high-quality parts from the Italian tuning brand.

The TPR tuning parts for 50cc scooters and motorcycles with high performance can be categorized as racing parts, e.g:

  • Aluminum cylinder with 1-ring piston
  • Air filter
  • Scooter and maxi scooter CVTs
  • Reinforced clutches for 50cc geared mopeds
  • Reinforced crankshafts
  • Tuning reed valves
  • Open CDIs

The TPR catalog is constantly being expanded to satisfy demanding riders and tuning fans looking for quality and performance in the future.

what does a gasket do?

There are many different types of gaskets or gasket sets in an engine, e.g. cylinder gaskets, intake gaskets, oil seals, crankcase gaskets, exhaust gaskets, carburetor gaskets or engine gasket sets. They all have the same function: to prevent leakage between components.

When and why should you change an engine gasket?

When servicing your two-wheeler or noticing leaking fluids, be sure to follow this one important rule: Always replace an old gasket with a new gasket.
Damaged or worn gaskets can no longer do their job properly, the parts that have to be sealed are no longer adequately sealed, which can lead to serious follow-up damages.

Before you install a new gasket, you must thoroughly clean and degrease the sealing surface.

You can also use silicone sealant as an alternative to paper or metal gaskets in some cases. But beware, O-rings and oil seals cannot be replaced by sealant.

Technical details
Cylinder Gasket Set Top Performances TPR 70cc Piaggio Typhoon / Stalker
Article no.T9921650
Weight0,01 kg
BrandTop Performances
Product typeCylinder gasket set
Conrod lengthStandard
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