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Article no.: M467900

Front Shock Absorber Malossi RS24 Piaggio Zip

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If you want to take your Zip out to the race track, this shock is a must - Malossi Shock Absorber RS24 (front, mono tube).

Combining an oleo-pneumatic damper with a classic spring, you can adjust this shock so it adapts to road conditions and suits your personal riding style.

Only the best materials were used in producing this compact, classy looking shock absorber, and it is one of the most reliable, best performing shocks on the market - basically the top of high end.

Length: 205mm.

Questions about the product
Notes and Safety

Shock absorber

Basic functionality

Whether motocross, scooter, moped or motorcycle, shock absorbers have a very simple and basic function: they absorb shocks and vibrations to make riding comfortable and safe. Without shock absorbers, you wouldn't be able to reach very high speeds because the wheels wouldn't really stay on the ground.

Since shock absorbers provide the connection to the ground and are therefore one of the main safety elements of a vehicle, they need to be maintained regularly and be fully operational at all times.

What are the symptoms of a defective shock absorber?

A shock absorber is supposed to absorb shocks, but not simply act like a spring, otherwise it would act like a catapult.

If the shock absorber comes up too fast after compression, jams, squeaks or smears oil (oil leak), it must be repaired or replaced.

For motocross machines with high-end shock absorbers that are very expensive, there are repair kits for shock absorbers. However, you will need some technical know-how and special tools to do these repairs.
For scooters and 50cc motor cycles, it's often easier to buy inexpensive new shock absor bers to do a complete replacement like a car.

Simple, adjustable, Racing

Gas pressure or hydraulic, simple shock or complex system - there are many different types of shock absorbers.
On the one hand, spring travel is important, which allows for more or less intensive use, and there are also different options for adjusting the shock depending on the model.
There are simple models like most original shock absorbers on scooters. Shock absorbers can also have different adjustment options that allow the handling to be adapted to the rider, use and conditions. These include shocks with adjustable spring preload, high-low shocks with adjustable compression for low and high speeds, and shocks with adjustable rebound like the ones on motocross bikes.
Racing shock absorbers are the most technically advanced models, they have all the above adjustment options, are made of particularly high-quality materials and often have a special finish (eg, the popular "Kashima coating").

How to replace the shock absorber

Technical details
Front Shock Absorber Malossi RS24 Piaggio Zip
Article no.M467900
Weight1,73 kg
Product typeShock absorber
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