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Rear Sprocket 52 teeth - 420 Afam Aprilia SX 50
Rear Sprocket 52 teeth - 420 Afam Aprilia SX 50a264720_a264720.jpg
Article no.: A264720

Rear Sprocket 52 teeth - 420 Afam Aprilia SX 50

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Rear sprockets in different sizes for most scooter / moped models on the market. And don't forget to get the measurements of your original sprocket and check them against the diagram above !

Peugeot XR6.

52 teeth / chain size 420.

Questions about the product
Notes and Safety

Funstion of Rear procket

The rear sprocket of a motorcycle is an essential part of the chain drive. It is attached directly to the output of the gearbox and is connected to the front sprocket via a chain.

How can I tell if the sprocket is worn?

A worn or damaged sprocket may show signs such as metallic rattling noises, worn teeth, a loose chain, or difficulty shifting gears.

smaller or larger chainring?

  • Sprocket with more teeth → improved acceleration
  • Sprocket with fewer teeth → higher top speed

You also have to consider the gear ratio between rear chainring and front sprocket. The calculation is: number of teeth of rear sprocket / number of teeth of front spocket. A low ratio increases speed, while a high ratio improves acceleration.

To ensure optimal life, it is important that you do not neglect chain care, we recommend a special chain brush.

Technical details
Rear Sprocket 52 teeth - 420 Afam Aprilia SX 50
Article no.A264720
Weight1,00 kg
Product typeChain rear sprocket
Chain type420
Rear sprocket52
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