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50cc Bike
Article no.: S6-SSP124OS/TI

Stage 6 “SSP“ Oil cap, Piaggion/Gilera engine

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High-end customising. Stage6 really knows what you need to spice up your scooter: attractive CNC-milled oil drain plugs with level check. Too little oil in the gear box leads to insufficient cooling and lubrication of the gear shafts and gearwheels, which are subject to high strain. With this oil plug, you can easily check the oil level. For racing use, the plug should be secured by wire, as it is required in most racing regs anyway.
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Notes and Safety

Engine bolts for scooter, motorcycle, moped

Engine bolts play an important role in the assembly of most engine components. They hold the various parts in place, here are some examples:

  • Exhaust bolts: designed specifically to secure the exhaust to the engine, they must be heat resistant due to the high temperatures involved.
  • Cylinder head nut: This is used to secure the cylinder head to the cylinder kit.
  • Variom nut: Used to hold the CVT of a scooter or moped in place.
  • Ignition nut: It is used to fix the ignition.
  • Clutch nut: It attaches the clutch to the input shaft.
  • Bolt Set: A set of matching bolts used to fasten various parts of the engine.
  • Oil Screw: Screwed onto the oil pan, prevents oil from leaking and maintains proper pressure in the lubrication system.

To ensure the engine bolt is securely fastened, it is recommended to use threadlocker and follow the manufacturer's recommended torque. This ensures safe installation and reduces the risk of loose bolts and resulting malfunctions.

Technical details
Stage 6 “SSP“ Oil cap, Piaggion/Gilera engine
Article no.S6-SSP124OS/TI
Weight0,03 kg
Product typeEngine bolts
Colour versiontitanium
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