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Article no.: S6-32540/GF

Stage6 Reed Petals fiberglass 0.3 / 0.4 / 0.5mm Piaggio

Sorry, this Item has been Discontinued

This product is no longer being manufactured, so unfortunately we can no longer offer it.

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We can now offer these fibreglass spare reeds for Stage6 reed valves. They have thicknesses of 0.35 mm and 0.4 mm and are available for all reed valve versions. If daily use and durability is what you're after, then you should go for the fibreglass reeds. The package includes two sets (with 2 reeds each), one with 0.35 mm and one with 0.4 mm.
Questions about the product
Notes and Safety

Reed Blades

On motorcycles, mopeds and scooters, you can replace the entire reed valve to get more power, but you can also simply repair or upgrade the original valve by replacing the reeds.

There are reed petals made of metal, fiberglass and carbon in various thicknesses. There are pre-cut reed blades for specific models or universal reed sheets that you can cut yourself.

thickness of Reed Petals

Simply put, the larger the piston, the thicker the plates should be.
However, you should also consider the operating speed of the engine. The more power the engine has at high rpm, the more we recommend thicker reeds. And vice versa, engines with rather low power speed need thinner plates.

Bad Reed Symptoms

When the reed petals are broken or worn out, it will affect the intake of mixture. The symptoms: poor starting behavior, unclean running at low rpm, the engine may even rev up by itself.

You can easily tell if the reeds are no longer closing properly by simply looking at them. Remove the reed valve block, hold it under a light source, if you see a light gap, the reeds are not closing properly.

Note: always make sure that the reed valve gasket is in perfect condition.

Technical details
Stage6 Reed Petals fiberglass 0.3 / 0.4 / 0.5mm Piaggio
Article no.S6-32540/GF
Weight0,01 kg
Product typeReed petals
Petal materialFiberglass
Petal thickness0.30 mm
Colour versiontransparent
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