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Top Performances
Article no.: T9921560

Top Performances Cylinder Kit TPR 70cc aluminium Piaggio NRG / Runner

Sorry, this Item has been Discontinued

This product is no longer being manufactured, so unfortunately we can no longer offer it.

However, we would like to help you find an alternative. Please take a look at other products within the same category or contact us so we can help you with selecting the right product.


Top Performances, specialist for cast iron cylinders, with an aluminium kit: the Top Performances 70cc Aluminium TPR Cylinder Kit Piaggio NRG / Runner (Piaggio / Gilera LC), here at Maxiscoot for a very attractive price!

This Top Performances Cylinder Kit TPR 70cc aluminium Piaggio NRG / Runner includes:

- 70cc Aluminium Cylinder, with 5 transfer ports and bridged exhaust port
- One-Ring Piston
- High Compression Modular Cylinder Head with detachable combustion chamber
- Gasket Kit for mounting and for adjusting squish

In view of performance and superior workmanship of this Top Performances Cylinder Kit TPR 70cc aluminium Piaggio NRG / Runner, it can easily be seen as one of the best 70cc racing cylinders on the market! With the right configuration (21-28mm carb, reinforced crankshaft and Racing/Hyper Racing exhaust), this racing kit can reach 14 to 17hp!

Note: you'll have to adjust squish clearance when installing the cylinder to get full power and reliable performance out of it! Not street-legal !

Questions about the product
Notes and Safety

Top Performances TPR

The TPR series from Top Performances comprises relatively high-quality parts from the Italian tuning brand.

The TPR tuning parts for 50cc scooters and motorcycles with high performance can be categorized as racing parts, e.g:

  • Aluminum cylinder with 1-ring piston
  • Air filter
  • Scooter and maxi scooter CVTs
  • Reinforced clutches for 50cc geared mopeds
  • Reinforced crankshafts
  • Tuning reed valves
  • Open CDIs

The TPR catalog is constantly being expanded to satisfy demanding riders and tuning fans looking for quality and performance in the future.

How to Install a cylinder on a scooter, motorcycle or moped

The cylinder or cylinder kit is the heart of the engine on scooters, motorcycles and mopeds. It consists of a cylinder, a piston with piston ring(s), a cylinder head and gaskets needed for installation.

The service life of a cylinder depends on whether it has been fitted correctly.

Tuning Level: Racing

We categorize our products into different performance levels  Original, Sport, Racing and High End , so that our customers can choose the right parts for their setup. It is really important to combine parts that belong to the same tuning level, this is especially true for cylinders, crankshafts and exhausts.

Racing products are designed for a more extreme uses and are developed primarily for racing. Whether you stay at 50cc or increase the displacement, the corresponding Racing parts produce much higher performance than the original parts in order to achieve maximum power.

Aluminium cylinders

Aluminium cylinders are more powerful than cast iron cylinders, but require more regular maintenance and must be combined with different components such as a reinforced crankshaft and a larger carburetor.

How to run in an aluminium cylinder?

Aluminium cylinders should be run in for about 200 kilometers , and you should use a fully synthetic engine oil.

Note: To ensure optimum performance and reliability, it is advisable to measure the squish clearance. Just have a look at our tutorial How to adjust squish clearance.

Technical details
Top Performances Cylinder Kit TPR 70cc aluminium Piaggio NRG / Runner
Article no.T9921560
Weight1,54 kg
BrandTop Performances
Product typeCylinder kit
Tuning levelRacing
Piston pin12 mm
Cylinder materialAluminium
Bore47,6 mm
Conrod lengthStandard
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