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Stage6 R/T Cylinder Kit 95cc Big Bore Yamaha Aerox / MBK Nitro

Stage6 R/T Item no.: S6-7516611

Stage6 R/T Cylinder Kit 95cc Big Bore Yamaha Aerox / MBK Nitro



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The Stage6 R/T 95cc Cylinder Kit "Big Bore" MBK Nitro / Aeroxtop of the line "Big Bore" kit by Stage6. The cylinder is based on the record-breaking Stage6 R/T 70cc, with higher displacement and more power.

The Stage6 R/T "Big Bore" 95cc series picks up the innovations already used in its little 70cc brother and by introducing a 52mm bore and piston for a 44mm stroke crankshaft gets at a displacement of 95cc. But Stage6 did not simply drill a bigger bore - transfer and exhaust ports were redesigned to create a genuine 95cc and not just a modified 70cc cylinder.

The kit includes:

  • Nikasil-plated Aluminium Cylinder with 6 transfer ports and bridged exhaust port
  • Piston, d=.52mm / piston pin=14 mm, with extra-thin piston ring
  • High-Compression Modular Cylinder Head (anodised orange)
  • R/T Cylinder Spacer
  • Exhaust Flange for R/T 95cc exhaust
  • Gaskets and screws/bolts for mounting

The special adapter plate bolts to the engine case, the cylinder is mounted via external bolts so that there are no bolts cutting through the cylinder; this new design opens up all kinds of options for tuners to modify and optimize their engine (porting) without being subject to the usual restrictions. A Viton O-ring seal between adapter plate and cylinder makes future readjustments unnecessary.

Regarding performance, the Stage6 R/T 95cc Cylinder Kit reaches 24 to 26hp and can easily be placed among the top high-end racing kits on the market. The thermal properties are excellent - the combustion chamber is bolted to the cylinder at five points, each coming with its own cooling pocket. These highly critical areas are thus stabilized and the risk of piston seizure is minimized. 

The exhaust flange is attached with 3 bolts. It is suitable for Stage6 R/T exhausts, other flange types are available.

Note: you'll have to mill in the crankcase to make room for the cylinder base (d = 58.4mm +/-0.1mm, 10mm deep); instructions included in manual.
This Stage R/T 95cc cylinder kit can only be combined with a Stage6 R/T 95cc exhaust.

  • 95cc displacement: diameter = 52mm / stroke = 44mm
  • For crankshafts with 44mm stroke / 90mm connecting rod / 14mm piston pin

Data Sheet

Name Stage6 R/T Cylinder Kit 95cc Big Bore Yamaha Aerox / MBK Nitro
Item No. S6-7516611
Brand Stage6 R/T
Homologation No
Displacement 95cc
Stroke 44 mm
Conrod Length 90 mm
Product Line Hyper racing
Material Aluminium
Bore 52 mm
Piston Pin 14 mm

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