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Article no.: C040841399

Cylinder Head Airsal Racing 50cc d=39.9mm Derbi Euro 3 (D50B0)

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Airsal Cylinder Head "Racing" 50cc d=39.9mm Derbi Euro 3 (D50B0), spare part for Airsal 50cc Alu cylinder. Spanish manufacturer Airsal is one of the big names when it comes to reliable, powerful 2-stroke cylinders. We carry almost all of their cylinders as well as all the spare parts for them.

  • for Airsal Alu 50cc, 40mm bore
  • fits Derbi Euro 3 / D50B0

We recommend using new gaskets when installing a new cylinder, cylinder head or any other cylinder parts.

Questions about the product
Notes and Safety

Cylinder head

The cylinder head of an internal combustion engine can have different shapes and contain different elements, depending on the type of engine. While in a two-stroke engine the cylinder head contains only the spark plug, in a four-stroke engine it is much more complex, as it also contains the valves, the camshaft and many other parts that are important for the operation of a 4-stroke engine.

However, these two points apply to any cylinder head:

  • it must be tight
  • it controls compression

Different types of cylinder heads

Each cylinder head is specifically designed for a specific cylinder. You must therefore always make sure that the cylinder head fits the cylinder.

Cooling :

The cylinder head is also partially responsible for cooling the engine. In air-cooled engines it has fins on the outside and in liquid-cooled engines there is chamber for the circulating coolant.

One-piece or two-piece 2-stroke cylinder head

One-piece cylinder heads are the most common, but modular two-piece cylinder heads are also available for 2-stroke engines. The principle is quite simple: the water jacket allows water circulation, while the combustion chamber insert closes off the combustion chamber. The cylinder head can be replaced and modified to achieve different compression ratios and thus different engine behavior.

4-stroke cylinder head

Tuning cylinder heads can also be found for four-stroke engines. Although components optimized for motocross are seldom found on the market (usually they are original components that have been reconditioned to increase performance), there are also racing cylinder heads for scooters and motorcycles. These often have optimized intake and exhaust ports and sometimes even seats for larger valves.

Technical details
Cylinder Head Airsal Racing 50cc d=39.9mm Derbi Euro 3 (D50B0)
Article no.C040841399
Weight0,30 kg
Product typeCylinder head
Bore40 mm
Conrod lengthStandard
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