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Article no.: IKEE.102.02

Italkit Internal Rotor Racing Ignition Italkit Selettra Curva Derbi Euro 2 (EBE / EBS)

Sorry, this Item has been Discontinued

This product is no longer being manufactured, so unfortunately we can no longer offer it.

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Italkit Internal Rotor Racing Ignition Selettra Curva Derbi Euro 2 (EBE / EBS) - an internal rotor ignition with variable ignition timing. Comparable to Malossi ignitions, the only difference is in the setting of ignition timing curves. High quality product for a very good price.

For Derbi EBE / EBS engines.

Questions about the product
Notes and Safety

 Inner Rotor Ignition

An internal rotor ignition is a racing ignition designed to increase performance. Inner rotor ignitions are designed for motorsports and competition, in rare cases they also provide power for vehicle lighting. (e.g. the MVT ignition).

Advantages of an internal rotor ignition

Inner rotor ignitions are the ultimate choice for the race track, they are however  not really suitable for street use.
The compact and lightweight internal rotor puts less weight on the crankshaft and allows for quick revving, very high engine speeds and an enormous power increase at high rpm.

Another advantage is that this type of ignition is less susceptible to moisture than standard ignitions.

Tip: You may want to consider a tuning ignition cover with additional holes / cutouts to improve ventilation.

Disadvantages of an internal rotor ignition

RPMs increase faster due to the lower mass, this will affect torque at low RPMs, though. Therefore, internal rotor ignitions are only worthwhile for racing, because on the racetrack you'll constantly stay at high engine speeds.

Installing and adjusting an internal rotor ignition

Installing an internal rotor ignition requires technical knowledge and careful adjustments to keep the engine running optimally and really optimize performance. We recommend our tutorial to learn how to install and adjust an internal rotor ignition.

Technical details
Italkit Internal Rotor Racing Ignition Italkit Selettra Curva Derbi Euro 2 (EBE / EBS)
Article no.IKEE.102.02
Weight1,46 kg
Product typeInner rotor ignition
Ignition typeDigital
Power supply lightingWithout power supply
Compatible vehicles for this article
Derbi Special Comp.GPR 50cc (1998 - 2001)GPR 50cc after 2012GPR 50cc Nude 2004 (EBS050)GPR 50cc Nude 2005 2011 (D50B0 Euro 3)GPR 50cc R - Replica (2001 - 2004)GPR 50cc Racing 2004 (EBS050)GPR 50cc Racing 2005 - 2011 (D50B0 Euro3)Senda 50cc (before 2000) - (tubular)Senda 2000 50cc (before 2004) - (perimeter) Euro2Senda DRD PRO Racing SM(after 2005)-(D50B0 Euro 3)Senda DRD PRO SM (after 2005) - (D50B0 Euro 3)Senda DRD Racing 50 SM after 2011 - (D50B0 Euro 3)Senda DRD SM (before 2000) - (tubular)Senda DRD SM (before 2004) - (perimeter)-Euro 2Senda DRD X-Treme 50 R '10 - '17 - (D50B0 Euro 3)Senda DRD X-Treme SM '10 - '17 - (D50B0 Euro 3)Senda Enduro (before 2000) - (tubular)Senda Enduro 2000 (before 2004) - (perimeter)-Euro 2Senda Racing SM Euro 4Senda R DRD Enduro (before 2000) - (tubular)Senda R DRD Enduro (before 2004) - (perimeter)-Euro2Senda R DRD PRO Enduro (after 2005) -(D50B0 Euro 3)Senda R DRD Racing Enduro (after 2005)-(D50B0 Euro 3)Senda R X-Race Trail '05 - '10 - (D50B0 Euro 3)Senda R X-Treme Enduro '05 - '10 - (D50B0 Euro 3)Senda SM 50cc (before 2000) - (tubular)Senda SM 2000 (before 2004) - (perimeter)-Euro 2Senda SM Limited Euro 4Senda X-Race 2000 (before 2004) - (perimeter)-Euro 2Senda X-Race SM '05 - '10 - (D50B0 Euro 3) Senda X-Race Trail (before 2000) - (tubular)Senda X-Trem Enduro (before 2000) - (tubular)Senda X-Trem Enduro (before 2004)-(perimeter)-Euro 2Senda X-Treme R Euro 4Senda X-Treme SM '05 - '10 - (D50B0 Euro 3) Senda X-Trem SM (before 2000) - (tubular)Senda X-Trem SM (before 2004) - (perimeter) - Euro 2Senda à partir de 2018
Valenti Racing
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