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50cc Bike
Top Performances
Article no.: T9923190

Top Performances Clutch Discs reinforced Polyamid Derbi Euro 2 / Euro 3


Top Performances Racing Clutch Discs Polyamid, available for a really good price.

A Polyamid/graphite layer adds grip and prevents slippage. In addition, heat dissipation is improved which makes them last longer.

We recommend soaking them in an oil bath over night before installing them so they don't burn up after a couple of miles.

Questions about the product
Notes and Safety

Clutch kit

The proper functioning of the clutch is essential for the smooth operation of scooters, mopeds and motorcycles.

clutch kit for motorcycles

A clutch kit usually consists of friction plates that are coated with sintered metal or aramid fibers, plain steel discs and clutch springs. The friction material of the clutch discs is designed for high loads due to heat and wear to ensure optimum adhesion at all times.

For lubrication of all clutch components, we recommend using 2-stroke gear oil or 4-stroke oil. The oils not only lubricate, but also dissipate the heat generated by friction and help reduce premature wear of the clutch plates.

Clutch kit for scooters

Clutch kits for scooters usually include the actual clutch, clutch bell and clutch springs. The clutch bell works synergistically with the clutch to form a single unit.

Various special tools are available for mounting and dismounting a scooter clutch.

Technical details
Top Performances Clutch Discs reinforced Polyamid Derbi Euro 2 / Euro 3
Article no.T9923190
Weight0,40 kg
BrandTop Performances
Product typeClutch kit
Compatible vehicles for this article
Derbi Special Comp.GPR 50cc (1998 - 2001)GPR 50cc after 2012GPR 50cc Nude 2004 (EBS050)GPR 50cc Nude 2005 2011 (D50B0 Euro 3)GPR 50cc R - Replica (2001 - 2004)GPR 50cc Racing 2004 (EBS050)GPR 50cc Racing 2005 - 2011 (D50B0 Euro3)Senda 50cc (before 2000) - (tubular)Senda 2000 50cc (before 2004) - (perimeter) Euro2Senda DRD PRO Racing SM(after 2005)-(D50B0 Euro 3)Senda DRD PRO SM (after 2005) - (D50B0 Euro 3)Senda DRD Racing 50 SM after 2011 - (D50B0 Euro 3)Senda DRD SM (before 2000) - (tubular)Senda DRD SM (before 2004) - (perimeter)-Euro 2Senda DRD X-Treme 50 R '10 - '17 - (D50B0 Euro 3)Senda DRD X-Treme SM '10 - '17 - (D50B0 Euro 3)Senda Enduro (before 2000) - (tubular)Senda Enduro 2000 (before 2004) - (perimeter)-Euro 2Senda Racing SM Euro 4Senda R DRD Enduro (before 2000) - (tubular)Senda R DRD Enduro (before 2004) - (perimeter)-Euro2Senda R DRD PRO Enduro (after 2005) -(D50B0 Euro 3)Senda R DRD Racing Enduro (after 2005)-(D50B0 Euro 3)Senda R X-Race Trail '05 - '10 - (D50B0 Euro 3)Senda R X-Treme Enduro '05 - '10 - (D50B0 Euro 3)Senda SM 50cc (before 2000) - (tubular)Senda SM 2000 (before 2004) - (perimeter)-Euro 2Senda SM Limited Euro 4Senda X-Race 2000 (before 2004) - (perimeter)-Euro 2Senda X-Race SM '05 - '10 - (D50B0 Euro 3) Senda X-Race Trail (before 2000) - (tubular)Senda X-Trem Enduro (before 2000) - (tubular)Senda X-Trem Enduro (before 2004)-(perimeter)-Euro 2Senda X-Treme R Euro 4Senda X-Treme SM '05 - '10 - (D50B0 Euro 3) Senda X-Trem SM (before 2000) - (tubular)Senda X-Trem SM (before 2004) - (perimeter) - Euro 2Senda à partir de 2018
Valenti Racing
Customer reviews
14 Ratings
Clutch works well, no slippage with a high end set up
TZR 50 2008
Un bon embrayage qui accroche meme sur pack top perf 85cc
trés bon
pas chere
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