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Stage6 70cc

Maxiscoot proudly presents: Stage6 70cc kits

German player Stage6 has developed suitable components for racing vehicles. Subsequently to having launched their 50cc aluminium kits for all kinds of scooters and mopeds, Stage6 can now present you with an equally extensive range of 70cc kits with excellent value for money. In order to optimise the performance of your engines, Stage6 engineers have outdone themselves to be able to present you with a great variety of very powerful and extremely reliable cylinder kits. In our Maxiscoot online-shop, we carry all existing Stage6 70cc kits, and for a nice price to boot. There are six different 70cc kits which come in aluminium and cast iron, and one of those will surely meet your individual requirements. Stage6 70cc kits are available for both scooters and mopeds and come with 10mm and 12mm pins.

  • Stage6 70cc Street Race Kit for scooters

    For Minarelli and Piaggio/Gilera LC engines.
  • Stage6 70cc Sport Pro Kit for scooters

    For Minarelli, Piaggio/Gilera AC/LC, Peugeot AC/LC & Morini/CPI AC.
  • Stage6 70cc Racing Modular Kit for scooters

    For Piaggio /Gilera/Peugeot LC engines.
  • Stage6 70cc Racing Kit

    For Minarelli, Piaggio/Gilera AC/LC, CPI AC & Minarelli AM6/Derbi Euro 2 engines.
  • Stage6 70cc R/T Kit for scooters

    For Minarelli Horizontal & Piaggio/Gilera LC engines.

Performance and Reliability

To move on to a higher displacement does not mean you necessarily have to put up with fragility and fickleness. The Stage6 70cc product range proves that it is possible to combine performance with durability. Thanks to their cast iron build, the Stage6 70cc Street and Race kits will let you to ride many many miles while enjoying an improved and more powerful engine. This kit has excellent price/performance ratio. The Sport Pro cylinder is a robust 70cc aluminium kit which allows for regular use. Its trapezoidal exhaust port and its port timings make for great torque and fantastic acceleration. The Stage6 70cc Racing kit includes a high-quality aluminium cylinder which is extremely resistant thanks to its Nikasil coating. It has longer port timings than the Sport Pro and a piston with a flat head and a special cylinder head. This cylinder allows for higher compression and accordingly for a better performance. The Stage6 70cc Racing Modular kit is based on the Stage6 Racing kit, and has a modular (2-part) cylinder head with a detachable combustion chamber allowing you to easily modify your cylinder or cylinder head. The Stage6 70cc R/T kit is a high-end racing cylinder that can be considered one of the most powerful high-end cylinders on the market and yields between 20 to over 22hp.


We offer tuning services for our Stage6 70cc kits for those who want even more HP and top speed. If you’re interested, please send an email to and tell us about the cylinder kit in question, we’ll be in touch ASAP.

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