MXS GP Racing Series 2014 is available now!
Maxiscoot und MXS Racing (Rennabteilung von Maxiscoot) sind stolz darauf euch nun das Ergebnisse Jahrelanger Entwicklungsarbeit, vorstellen zu dürfen!

MXS Racing GP2 90cc

Maxiscoot and MXS Racing (Maxiscoot’s racing department) are proud to introduce the result of many years of development!

Patented mounting system and its advantages

MXS Racing GP90 detail Gas flow volume and speed depend on size and shape of the transfer ports. In standard cylinder design, port layout is usually limited by the location of the cylinder stud bolts – they vertically protrude the entire cylinder. The new, patented mounting system for the MXS GP 2 90cc cylinders is using locking pins instead of stud bolts. The limitation caused by the spacing of the stud bolts is bypassed and the path is clear for optimum port design. As a result, this cylinder kit will yield performances unheard of in this field.
This cylinder design is not common in 50cc tuning as it is relatively difficult to devise a well-done 3-part exhaust port for cylinders with more than 50cc displacement. Our new system with locking pins provides a solution to this problem.

MXS Racing GP90 detail Cooling system and water flow

A lot of thought went into the elaborately designed cooling system as well. The GP90’s well-thought-out water flow ensures constant temperature of the cylinder and good heat dissipation exactly where it is necessary.
MXS Racing GP90 detail The outlet was equipped with extra cooling fins (inside the cylinder) to guarantee optimum cooling. The 3-part anodized green cylinder head, CNC-milled from AW6062, is an essential part of the cooling system. With an additional liner, very hot water is redirected from outlet to inlet resulting in stable temperature of all parts of the cylinder. On top, there’s no denying that this part is a real looker!

3-part exhaust port MXS Racing GP90 detail

The exhaust port of the MXS GP 2 90cc cylinder is divided into 3 ducts, a main port accompanied by so-called boost ports. This port design has 2 distinct advantages when compared to standard “bridged” port design.

The Bridged Exhaust Port: Heat dissipation of the bridge of a bridged exhaust port is rather poor; it tends to overheat in the middle as heat cannot be distributed to top and bottom. The result: it has to be ground down on a regular basis to avoid piston seizure at the piston ring. In contrast, the 2 boost port bridges can dissipate heat much better as they are simply shorter. No need to grind, to the benefit of piston and piston ring. This will result in longer life at same rpm.

MXS Racing GP90 detailFunction of boost ports: the gas flow is released back into the cylinder (looped) and can be directed in a much more controlled way to where it is meant to go. At the same time, this “looped” charge is not prone to overheating as it is with a standard bridged port (as the shorter boost bridges do not heat up that much).

Combustion chamber

Forme des transferts optimiséeThe MXS GP 2 90cc cylinder kit includes a standard bathtub-shaped combustion chamber used in modern high-performance 2-stroke engines. Compression ratio is 15:1.

MXS GP 90cc Products 
Cylinder Kit + Crankshaft + Exhaust MXS Racing GP 2 90cc Complete Pack
Complete MXS GP 2 90cc line. All parts included in this kit were designed for maximum performance. This is a Hyper Racing kit, meaning you’ll need to set up your engine accordingly.
MXS GP90 kit is available for:

Nitro / Aerox Derbi Euro2 Derbi Euro3 Minarelli AM6
Cylinder Kit + Crankshaft MXS Racing GP90 Cylinder Kit + Crankshaft MXS Racing GP90
This kit includes a GP 2 90cc cylinder, a crankshaft and the proper bearings. It is a racing cylinder and should be used with appropriate components.
MXS GP90 cylinder + crankshaft is available for:

Nitro / Aerox Derbi Euro2 Derbi Euro3 Minarelli AM6
Cylinder Kit + Head MXS GP 2 90cc Cylinder Kit + Head MXS GP 2 90cc
With a new patented design, this MXS GP 2 90cc cylinder kit 45mm for MBK Nitro (50mm diameter / 48mm stroke) will give you 90cc displacement. Built for the race track, this kit will yield record-breaking performance!
MXS GP90 cylinder is available for:

Nitro / Aerox Derbi Euro2 Derbi Euro3 Minarelli AM6  
Crankshaft MXS Racing GP90 Crankshaft MXS Racing GP90
MXS Racing GP90 crankshaft straight out of our MXS Racing workshops (Maxiscoot’s racing department), designed to go with the MXS GP90 cylinder. High-end product due to impeccable balancing and top quality materials.
MXS GP90 racing crankshaft is available for:

Nitro / Aerox Derbi Euro2 Derbi Euro3 Minarelli AM6  
Combustion Chamber 'Competition' Combustion Chamber 'Competition'
The MXS Racing team developed a special racing combustion chamber to optimize the performance of the MXS GP90 kit. Power is increased by longer port timings. Cylinder gaskets for perfect sealing are included.
Combustion Chamber 'Competition' is available for:

Nitro / Aerox Derbi E2 E3 / Minarell AM6  
Auspuffanlage MXS Racing GP2 90 Exhaust MXS Racing GP 2 90cc
The MXS GP exhaust, developed to go with MXS GP 2 90cc cylinders, is the result of plenty of testing. It took hundreds of hours of development to finally get the ideal volume and dimensions for the MXS 90cc cylinder. This top-quality, high-performance exhaust will blow you away!
Exhaust MXS Racing GP 2 90cc is available for:

Nitro / Aerox Derbi E2 E3 / Minarell AM6