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50cc racing exhaust

Fancy more HP for your two-wheeler? Go for a 50cc racing exhaust!

One of the more basic modifications one can carry out on a two-wheeler is a new exhaust system. Such exhausts allow for an efficient emission of the gases exiting the cylinder. A 50cc performance exhaust system will optimise torque and increase HP, how much depends on your scooter's overall set-up. has an extensive 50cc exhaust system online catalogue featuring the best products available: Malossi, Stage6, Polini as well as big racing brands such as Cristofolini, Metrakit, Roost and others. And to round it all off, Maxiscoot now also offers its own 50cc exhaust system!

  • MXS 50cc Racing Exhausts

    The MXS exhaust we developed for you!
  • 50cc Performance Exhausts for all Models

    For Nitro, Spirit, Piaggio, Derbi, XR6, etc.
  • Stage6 50cc Racing Exhaust

    The Stage6 product line available at MXS!
  • Original 50cc Exhausts for Road Use

    Fitting exhausts for replacement purposes.

Treat yourself to a new exhaust

One of the more basic elements which determine the overall performance of a scooter or moped is the exhaust system, which is why Maxiscoot carries the most comprehensive range of 50cc performance exhaust systems available online, so you can pick the one which goes best with your set-up. For those who simply wish to replace their original exhaust with a new one, we offer a range of affordable solutions. Where other distributors will rip you off for an original 50cc exhaust, we offer competitive alternatives.


We closely collaborate with loads of manufacturers, for example Malossi, Polini, Metrakit and others. But that's not all: we have developed our very own 50cc performance exhaust which goes by the name MXS Racing. This MXS Racing exhaust represents our entire accumulated knowledge and passion for the sport and offers the best for your scooter. Our state-of-the-art exhaust will wow all owners of vertical Minarelli engines, i.e. Spirit, Stunt or Rocket! Its aluminium silencer will give your ride a nice street-style look while remaining low-key compared to carbon or Kevlar ones. Its body is made of finely welded steel and offers optimal resonance, at the same time boosting your ride with a huge increase in HP. Of course this 50cc exhaust is not approved for regular road use and you need a closed racing track for making full use of its power and sound scale. all the way!

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