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2Fast Kits | Ultimate Performance |

Kit 2Fast


2Fast kits are favourites with some of the most ambitious tuners, the kit is often involved whenever a pilot or a tuner makes it to the winner's podium at some of the most prestigious competitions. The name 2Fast itself is already telling you what this company set out to do - develop the fastest, highest performance engines. Their reputation is confirmed by many years of seeing machines with 2Fast kits win all kinds of competitions and races throughout Europe. 2Fast kits include a piston / cylinder combination matching specific reinforced connecting rods and crankshafts. Beware - these kits will require radical modification and upgrading on your entire vehicle if you really want to get the most out of it. We would strongly advise you to add a performance exhaust and an appropriate intake system.

This kit is not happy with half-hearted, ineffectual set-ups, and if you want to unlock its full potential and squeeze as many hp as possible out of it, you'll will have to work for it and earn it. If this kit is not surrounded with the appropriate parts, you're going to run into some problems, but if you know what you're doing, you'll be completely amazed by its mind-blowing performance. Tuning and prep work based on 2Fast kits have helped teams to achieve results previously seen on much larger dispalcement motorcycles only, and helped push the boundaries of what was considered possible in terms of scooter performance and possibilities. The 2Fast kit is definitely at peak level of what some "mad" engineers can conceive of, a purebred racing beast, an exceptional and truly unique engine.





2Fast Cylinder Kit | Win and Excel |

2Fast Cylinder Kit


After being available for Piaggio engines for a while, 2Fast cylinders are finally available for Minarelli engines as well. When someone's looking for ultimate performance, we think “2Fast Cylinders” right away, high-end parts that has been reserved exclusively for Piaggio scooters owners for a long time.

This cylinder is does not compromise, it was designed for only one purpose, and that is to win races. World-class tuners and some of the most ambitious race teams often build their machines based on 2Fast cylinder kits. It is a guarantee for incredibly fast and relentless accelerations, literally leaving behind, well, anybody!
The latest generation of 2Fast cylinder kits was redesigned and upgraded in order to provide even better performance and much improved reliability. After many years of participating in the racing world, 2Fast cylinder has achieved the status of a matchless engineering marvel, but only the most experienced tuners will know how to squeeze maximum performance out of it. Can you handle a 2Fast cylinder, with the absolute most amount of power ever designed for a scooter?