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Malossi Kit

We got all 50cc Malossi Kits available on the market!

At, we carry a huge selection of Malossi 50cc kits for all potential uses. Superior technical know-how and long-standing experience in the racing world allows Italian company Malossi to develop extremely reliable high-performance 50cc kits/50cc sports kits. Do not wait any longer, have a look around and pick one of the many Malossi 50cc kits available at our shop for very attractive prices!

  • Malossi 50cc Sport Kit - Scooter and Moped

    For Piaggio Bravo/Ciao/Grillo, Piaggio/Gilera AC/LC, Minarelli vertical and horizontal engines, Peugeot AC and CPI/Honda/Kymco.
  • Malossi 50cc Sport Replica Kit

    For Peugeot 103 AC/LC, MBK 51 AC/LC, Minarelli vertical engines, Piaggio /Gilera AC/LC, Peugeot Ludix AC/LC, Minarelli AM6 and Derbi Euro 2/Euro 3 engines.
  • 50cc Malossi Sport MHR Replica - Scooter

    For Minarelli Horizontal AC, Morini AC and Peugeot LC engines.
  • 50cc Malossi Sport Team Cup - Scooter

    For Minarelli Horizontal and Piaggio/Gilera LC engines.
  • 50cc Malossi Kit Sport Team - Moped

    For Minarelli AM6 and Derbi Euro 2/Euro 3 engines.

Performance - the Italian way

Malossi kits with their cast-iron build allow for superior everyday performance with considerable top speed, available for a decent price. These kits do not require much maintenance and their excellent manufacturing quality lead to outstanding durability. The Malossi 50cc Replica kit includes a street-legal aluminium cylinder for regular road use, which is more powerful than the 50cc cast-iron sports kit but not, as you might expect, less durable and robust, and offers a wider range of possible uses, simply a balanced overall performance. The Malossi 50cc MHR Replica kit includes a high-end aluminium cylinder which is very hard-wearing thanks to its Nikasil coating. It has longer port timings than the Sport Pro, a flat-head piston and a special cylinder head leading to better compression and better performance. Malossi also offers a 50cc Team Cup kit for racing purposes. Particularly powerful, especially in the high rpm range, this kit is definitely one of the most powerful kits on the market. Moreover, There is the Malossi 50cc Team kit, a high-end racing cylinder with modular cylinder head and Nikasil-plated cylinder walls. Bottom line: a 50cc kit by Malossi will never disappoint, perfect combination of power and reliability.


For those who wish to add even more horsepower and to increase performance, we offer tuning services for your Malossi kits. If you’re interested, please shoot us an email to and tell us which kit you want us to work on.

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