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MBK Scooter | The Motobécane Story |



MBK Scooter

The history of MBK goes back to 1924, 

when Charles Benoit and Abel Bardi came together to found Motobecane in order to release their first motorcycle: the MB1. A Model equipped with an undamped pendulum fork, moved by a two-stroke 175cc twin cylinder engine. Until the second world war, the brand would produce motorcycles and "bicycles with auxiliary engines"or "BMA" (bicyclettes à moteur auxilliaire in French).
After the Second World War, Motobecane released the legendary “Mobylette” (now used as a common name in French for “moped”) and sold 14 million copies, making Motobecane the largest manufacturer in the moped industry. They kept on producing larger displacement bikes until the 70s fiasco, when the brand tried to sell unreliable and expensive 125cc bikes. Due to this major strategy mistake, the brand was then facing rather bleak times.

In 1983, Motobecane, in bankruptcy, was bought by various investors. The company remained French for 60%, 40% were held by foreign investors, including Yamaha, who would then take full control later on, in 1986.
Before dealing with scooters, MBK had already laid the groundwork for the reputation it currently enjoys with the Motobecane 51 moped (which later became MBK 51). Launched in 1978, it was available until 2003. This model's success amongst 80s youngsters turned the MBK 51 into a true classic, making it one of the most desired and collectible mopeds.

But the brand really took off at the beginning of the 90s, with the launch of one of the most famous scooters of all times: the Booster. Since then the MBK scooter selection has been growing every year. An MBK scooter can be versatile, as the Booster for example, but a MBK scooter can also be turned into a track monster, such as the Nitro or the fabulous Mach G, introducing liquid-cooling and clearing the path for new performance standards. But an MBK scooter can also be surprising and original like the MBK Stunt, which brought a brand new philosophy to scooter riding all over Europe.
As for today, the MBK scooter range consists of a wide selection of scooters, with models able to meet every and anyone's expectations. Therefore, we always have a special place for MBK in our catalogue.