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Motoforce Brake Bleeding Hose

MotoForce Item no.: MF99.20176

Motoforce Brake Bleeding Hose

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Are you looking for a better way to bleed your brake than to open and close the bleed screw again and again? This Motoforce Brake Bleeding Hose is the solution. It is really easy to use:

  • attach hose to bleed screw / caliper bleed valve
  • the other end should be attached to a suitable container
  • open valve and pump brake lever until no air bubbles can be seen in the transparent hose

The system works via a one-way valve that makes sure that there is no air being sucked back into the system.

Data Sheet

Name Motoforce Brake Bleeding Hose
Item No. MF99.20176
Brand MotoForce

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