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Gilera Runner | The beast |

Gilera Runner


1997, scooter Gilera Runner, designed by Luciano Marabese, is released, and it  was an immediate success. But while the Gilera Runner has a good engine and a great look to start with, it is also known as "upgradable". Due to the potential it has, the Gilera Runner quickly became a favourite with tuning fans. As the Piaggio engine is known for its great tuning and upgrading potential, the tuning itself has never been an issue for those wanting to equip their scooters with higher performance parts.
Aftermarket parts manufacturers, seeing that potential, were then rolling out massive amount of parts, specially for this particular model, making it even more of a favourite with tuners everywhere.

In 1998, the 50cc model was joined by the maxi scooters Gilera Runner 125cc, 180cc and later on, the Gilera Runner FXR 180cc 2-stroke. The FXR 180cc is capable of a top speed of nearly 140km / h, making it the fastest factory runner ever produced.
Later on, Gilera exchanged the old 2-stroke engines for 125cc and 200cc 4-stroke engines, the ST125 and ST200 respectively. The driving pleasure as well as fuel consumption and reliability got up to the highest quality standards but at the cost of the older versions' amazing performances.
Malossi, among others, are producing engine tuning kits for these newer 4-stroke engines, allowing them to be pretty much on par with the older versions in terms of performance.







Gilera Stalker | Looks & potential |

                             Gilera Stalker


The intention of  the Gilera Stalker couldn't be more clear, its typical, aggressive looking 50cc with its raised chassis leaves no room for doubt - it's meant, designed and built for fun. Its chassis is well designed and makes handling it quite enjoyable right out of the box. But its real focus is on the air-cooeld Piaggio engine with really great performance, even with the OEM configuration. It will develop into a real beast when properly upgraded and tuned. The Gilera Stalker equally caters to the everyday rider who wants a street-legal, fun and fast machine, as well as to those who are looking for a reliable starting point for track racing and competition. Maxiscoot's Gilera Runner catalogue is packed with a wide variety of parts, from visual customizing parts up to the craziest 80cc cylinder kits designed for drag racing.
The Stalker is an alternative to the brand's other best-selling series, the Runner. Clearly designed to attract young people, the Stalker lives up to expectations and proves to be an extremely versatile and reliable scooter.